The Allure Of The Armpit

Author: pam
Sunday, December 17, 2006


It is summer now and all of the glamour magazines at the newsstand are featuring cover photos of scantily clad women in seductive poses. Often one of those poses features a woman with a beautiful face raising her arm above her head to reveal a bare, clean shaven armpit. These cover photos are design to present to the public an image of womanhood which is to be admired, worshiped and aspired to.


This, however was not the way it always was. Up until the 1920’s women, glamorous or otherwise, would not dream of shaving on a regular basis. The advertising executives on Madison Avenue presented to the major manufactures of shaving products an idea that would fully double the razor using market. Women were humiliated through advertising campaigns to shear off the very symbols of their woman-hood, and in some way preserving the beauty which is supposedly only for the young. These moguls of Madison Avenue convinced the American public that in order to truly be beautiful, a woman must remove the “unsightly” hair from her legs and armpits.


Neet depilatory cream devised perhaps the most effective of these ad campaigns in the 20`s. Their ad depicted a shy young girl at the beach in her new swimming suit, cheeks flushed and arms held tightly to her sides. The caption read, “Do you want to be an old fuddy duddy at the beach with your arms pressed to your side? Get rid of that embarrassing underarm hair, and join in the fun!”


The effects of that advertising are very apparent today. Any so-called beauty advice book has a section devoted to the removal of “unwanted” hair. By and large, the majority of women in the United States buy into the propaganda of the cosmetic companies which offer huge product lines of razors, depilatory treatments and deodorants with the sole purpose of keeping their profits through the roof by directing our noses, eyes and minds toward a manufactured ideal. Women in the `90’s who choose not to shave their underarms and legs are categorized, ridiculed and embarrassed. These women are considered to either be lesbians, radical feminists, immigrants who don’t know any better or “hippies” left over from the 60’s.


The conventional wisdom is that women who do not shave do so as a symbol or as an act of omission due to ignorance. In reality, from a psycho-social point of view, the act of removing body hair is a rebellion against sexuality. Think about it. At puberty a woman experiences her menstrual period, begins to grow breasts and begins to have hair grow thickly over her sex organs. When the model raises her arm to expose her hairless armpit, she is saying through her body language and symbolism that she is a child; not a sexual being. Society has, therefore, inadvertently become perverted. The natural adornments of a woman are her femininity and society would have us hide a woman’s sexuality for her sexuality is something to be feared.



As I mentioned earlier, when a woman reaches sexual maturity, hair grows thickly over her sex organs. How is the armpit a sex organ? I will use some scientific research to try and explain. Every human being has glands which perform essential functions to ensure that the body works properly. Different glands operate different controls of the body. Some glands tell our bodies to grow, some to feel sexual excitement some to make our hearts race faster when we are stimulated. In order to illustrate how the armpit is a sex organ, I will need to explain sweat glands.


There are two kinds of sweat glands in the human body, the apocrine glands which secrete a milky odorous fluid and are associated with the hair follicles, and the eccrine glands which are the source of most perspiration. The sweat from the eccrine glands is water which is used to cool the body by evaporation and to moisten the friction surfaces of the body.


Most axillary, or armpit, secretion is odorless and stems from the eccrine glands. The odor from armpit sweat is due to the relatively small amount of apocrine secretion. Although fresh apocrine sweat is odorless, it develops its characteristic smell when the sweat is broken down by the hair and skin cells in the armpit.


The apocrine glands of children are dormant. When a woman reaches sexual maturity, the apocrine glands are only active in a few regions of the body: the navel, the genitals, nipples and the highest concentration are found in the armpit. Women have 75% more apocrine glands than do men. It is the scientific community’s consensus that these glands, due to their location , are sexual signal generators. Apocrine sweat is what the body produces to attract sexual partners. Apocrine sweat is only secreted when a person is under stress or is sexually aroused.


Underarm hair acts as a transmitting antenna, sending out signals to invite sexual intercourse. Shaving, deodorants and perfumes mask the odor of the armpit and serve to further hide a woman’s sexuality.


Several studies of olfactory glands, which affect the sense of smell, confirm that there is a direct relationship between a woman’s armpit sweat and sexual arousal in men. One study showed that men became significantly more aroused when doing blind sampling of female underarm sweat than smelling expensive perfumes.


The high concentration of apocrine glands in the armpit is no fluke. When human beings began to walk upright and have sex face-to-face, the concentration of the active apocrine glands moved from the genitals up to the armpits in order to lure sex partners. One of the primary instincts of the human being is to reproduce itself. The function of the axillary organ is to produce the “love potion” necessary to fulfill the instinct of species survival.


Less than 1% of the population of American women have hirsute bodies. I have met many women and ask them the reasons they shave. Most respond that underarm hair is not hygienic or would spoil their “look”. These women have obviously been conditioned by the onslaught of advertisement to think of their bodies in their natural state to be monstrosities and that they must conform to societies ideal in order to gain acceptance.


The human body is a glorious and wonderful thing. It is to be admired and adored, most of all in its natural state. When a woman chooses to rebel against society and show the world that she is a woman and no longer a child, when she tosses away her razor and deodorant and proudly tells the world she has become a woman, she truly should be adored and cherished as a diamond in the rough.




We have already discussed how the armpit, especially a woman’s armpit, is a primary sexual signalling device. The secretions during sexual arousal are extremely attractive to lovers. Dr. Alex Comfort, in his book, The Joy of Sex, describes the armpit as a cassolet which holds the individual aroma of a woman. He goes on to say that the armpit should under no condition be shaved. It is a part of a woman’s body which should be caressed and kissed.


The armpit is also a site for intercourse. When the hair is moist and with the woman lying on her side, her partner can straddle her side and place his penis into her armpit. The woman then will enclose her lover’s penis into her armpit by laying her arm across the top of the shaft. The lovers should experiment with the degree of pressure that is comfortable. The woman’s lover will then move his penis back and forth through the silken tangle of his lover’s armpit hair. Because of the large number of nerve endings in the armpit, the woman feels sometimes orgasmic sensations as her lover climaxes in her love nest.


The feeling is in some ways superior to vaginal intercourse because the pressure of the arm can vary more so that the vagina.

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Author: pam
Saturday, December 16, 2006


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